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A moment.



We are not a so-called wedding planning company, photography group, or photography team.

Each of us operates individually, each with their own style, way of thinking, and way of working.

So why is this thing called A moment. and why was it created?


The world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

My environment has also changed.

I also thought that in times like these, I should be active as an individual.

However, we were forced to give up on the wedding or downsize it.

I have seen many brides and grooms who are sad.

I don't want you to give up on your wedding.

What can we offer to such brides and grooms?


There is a limit to ``individual''.

But make your wedding more exciting with friends who share the same passion.

We hope to bring smiles to the faces of as many brides and grooms as possible.


A photographer who captures the moment

A videographer who creates stories by connecting moments.

Make-up artist who creates the best bride on her brightest day

Dresses and bouquets that decorate the most beautiful bride

And the location and venue that will produce such a wedding


A wedding is a gathering of such moments.


Makoto Ishii

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