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makoto ISHII


I studied photography in America and have been a wedding photographer for 20 years.

He has photographed many celebrity weddings in Hawaii, Japan, and other resort destinations.

Captures ``the bride's casual expression that is glimpsed for just a moment'' and ``the glossy moment of the bride.''

In 2018, we provided free photography for people with terminal cancer, incurable diseases, and physically disabled people in Japan.

His life work is “Alive Photo”.

We have a passion for photo cinema that can be kept as records and memories for weddings,

We leave the best to the wedding couple.

Celebrity wedding photography history (partial):

Mr. Yu Yamada and Mr. Shun Oguri

Mr. and Mrs. Maki Tamaru
Mr. Aya Matsuura and Mr. Keita Tachibana
Erina Masuda (former TBS), Shota Dobayashi (professional baseball player)  

Moe Oshikiri and Hideaki Wakui (professional baseball players) 

Instagrammer Mr. and Mrs. Moya 

Asumi Nakata and his wife

Reference site:

Alive Photo

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